How does the Jonggle work?

1. How to print with Jonggle

1.1 Registration

Register and fill out your address in the account settings.


1.2 get a 3d model

For 3D printing, you will need a 3D model, which tells the 3D
printer what it should print and how it's supposed to look like.

Custom 3D model

If you want a custom 3D model made to your specifications
then you should send an order request to one of our 3D
model designers. You will just write them some specifications
about the 3D model and they will make it for you.


Ready-made 3D model

If you want a ready-made 3D model then you can go to our
3D model shop or download it from somewhere else. When
you find a 3D model that you like in our shop then just click it
and afterward click the button PRINT WITH JONGGLE. If you
downloaded your 3D model from somewhere else then just
click on the button 3D printing in our header and drag your
3D model onto the button DROP 3D MODEL.


1.3 Selecting a 3d printer owner

If you follow the steps above you should get to the Jonggle
map with 3D printer owners. Now is the time to select a 3D
printer owner who will print the 3D model out for you. After
picking a 3D printer owner just fill out the form below the map,
click on GET PRICE after getting your price scroll down and

How easy