We will do everything for you

This option is for normal customers who don't understand 3D printing and want to print 3D.
The total price needs to be 500czk and higher.


This option is for companies, the total price needs to be 1000czk and higher.

I'm a company

How does it work?

Everything you need to do is click one of the buttons above
and fill out our form. We will send you pricing afterward and
give you more information.

What do I pay for?

3D model:

You pay us for modeling a 3D model which tells the 3D printer
what to print. If you already have a 3D model than just upload
it into our form.

3D printing:

The second thing you pay for is a 3D printer owner who will
print you what you wanted and send it to us so we can check
the quality.

Transport and our know-how:

And lastly, you will pay for the transport and a fee for providing
the best and most suitable design, printer, 3D printing material,
and quality control.